Linked Decisions as Linked Data (lblod) is a project for an interoperable ecosystem of local decisions. A project in 2016 carried out by iMinds created a proof of concept in co-creation with local authorities in Flanders, the regional government of Flanders, and different service providers. The result of the proof of concept contain, but are not limited to, this vocabulary, a proof of concept of a Linked Data authoring environment, a server harvesting local decisions using The DataTank, a search interface through the harvested data and a persistent URI creator.

This document is part of a proof of concept and will not be under active development after June 2016. It is up to future projects to extend the results of this proof of concept into a maintained vocabulary. Furthermore, the URIs are not dereferencable at this point. At the time of writing, the Flemish URI strategy 2.0 was not yet voted, yet we took into account a draft from June 2016 when creating the URIs.

An RDF representation of this document is available at

At a glance

the lbld vocabulary for metadata

The LBLD vocabulary: metadata for local decisions

The LBLOD schema

Only a few URIs are defined within the lbld namespace. This schema provides an overview of the to be used URIs when linking the data together.

User story

When a certain board within a local government has voted a decision, an lbld:Decision is created. The lbld:Decision is given a URI from an authority that provides persistent and unique identifiers. This lbld:Decision is given a certain lbld:Motivation. This motivation contains a dct:description, but can also contain links to other articles, attachments, and so forth. Also, a certain lbld:legalBackground is given, which is an article from a different decision that provides legal background for this decision. Finally, using the predicate lbld:article, articles can be linked which contain the actual contents of the decision.

The lbld:Decision is also linked to distributions. These distributions can be an attachment, linked using the lbld:attachment predicate, or can be a document in which more information about the decision can be found. The link is going to a dcat:Distribution, which means you may have to authenticate to see the actual file.

Next, we can also link a Decision with its vote event which is taken at a certain organisational structure. For this, we refer to the popolo ontology.

        @prefix dcat: <> .
        @prefix dct: <> .
        @prefix lbld: <> .
        @prefix schema: <> .
        <> a lbld:Article;
        dct:description "Eedaflegging van Griet Verhenneman (sp.a) als gemeenteraadslid op 2 januari 2013." .
        a lbld:Decision; dcat:distribution <> .
        a lbld:Decision; dcat:distribution <> .

A decision

A decision is a case that passed through a process.

An article

An article is a formalization of a Decision: it contains the agreed upon rules.

A motivation

A motivation or context for a certain decision

A distribution


A dcat:Distribution can be linked to a Decision in two ways: to provide a way to describe how a document containing the decision can be downloaded, using the predicate dcat:distribution. Another way is to add an attachment to the decision using the predicate lbld:attachment.

Describing vote events

For describing vote events, we refer to the opengov specification. A vote event has a link to the organization body.